Baby signing (Australia)- colours poster


Baby signs / Key Word Signs (Australia) – 12 signs for different colours and rainbow


Baby signing poster of colours.


The colours included in this poster are: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Brown, Black, White, Rainbow


You will often find yourself introducing colours to your little one, and signing the colours is a fantastic way for them to learn.


While Australian sign language (Auslan) has different signs for colours for the Northern and Southern states, in Australian baby sign the most iconic and easiest signs for child to learn and use have been selected, this is in line with the most recent research on baby sign and manual signing.


Please see our Northern and Southern state key word sign colour posters if you wish to learn the specific region colour signs.


Babies can sign before they are speak. Baby signing is an excellent communication tool, if introduced from birth some babies can sign from 5 months, although most babies start to sign back between 8 – 10 months. We have several products to teach your babies baby signs.


Australia baby signing borrows signs from Australian Sign Language (Auslan), however unlike Auslan, words are spoken alongside the sign to encourage verbal communication. Research has shown using baby signing can actually increase your child’s spoken vocabulary compared to children not exposed to signing.


This product is proudly 100% Australian Made. Both designed and printed within Australia.





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