Children’s key word signing Songs & Signs Booklet – Everyday Signs


10 Everyday children’s songs with their key word signs booklet plus accompanying music.


Everyday Signs, Songs and Signs Booklet contains 10 songs with their associated key word signs (KWS).


The songs and signs in this book are a great way to start on your signing journey with songs about getting ready, family members and our iconic Sunny Signs Song.


We use Australian Key Word Signs alongside classic songs to help integrate this amazing communication tool into every day life.


The booklet comes with a QR code giving you access to the songs so you can sing and sign along wherever you are.


The songs include:

Wheels on the Bus

It’s breakfast time

This is the way

Mister Sun

Round and Round the Garden

Three Bears Porridge

Please and Thank you song

Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Sunny Signs songs (with mum, dad, toilet, bath, bed, sleepy and milk, I, love, you)



Key Word Sign is an alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) tool to assist those that are non-speaking / non verbal to communicate through sign, Key Word Sign has also been found to encourage speech, which is why you must always speak when you are signing the word.


You may be able to use NDIS funding to purchase this product.

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