Valentine’s Day!

Tomorrow is the day of LOOOOVE, or Valentine’s Day as it is more commonly known.

Have you been practicing your valentine’s signs?

Well if not we have created the perfect Valentine’s Day key word sign resources for you.

The bundle contains:

  • 2 posters with 12 Valentine’s Day key word signs (full and partial colour);
  • 12 Valentine’s Day Key Word Sign flashcards
  • 12 Valentine’s Day symbol flashcards
  • Specially created Valentine’s Day communication board containing core and fringe Valentine’s themed words.

So get cuddly with your loved one, visit our shop and download the Valentine’s Day key word sign pack today!


Webpage update: “Key Word Sign – What is it?”

I’ve been meaning to update our “Key Word Sign – What is it?” page for over a year. The content is fine but it was looking a little drab, therefore it has been spruced up with some relevant key word signs to interest the reader.

If you follow our posts you probably have already been to the “Key Word Sign – What is it? page and know how bare it was looking. But now it is looking a tad nicer after a day of updating.

If you have read the page already and don’t want to scroll through to see all the signs then get excited I have added them to this post!

Apologises for the different sizes but they are all formatted for the webpage.

The key word signs are as follows, Key (as it ‘key word sign’ NOT as in ‘key’ to open the door), Word, Sign, What, History, Auslan, Who, Why, How (QLD/NSW), When. Feel free to download and print off for personal use, but attribution to ‘Sunshine Sign and Sign’ is required when printing off in a professional setting and services i.e Early Learning, Allied Health services etc.

Hope you enjoy and let’s ALL Keep Signing!

FREE – Key Word Sign Christmas Resources

It’s one of our favourite times of year, the countdown to Christmas, and guess what…..?

We have added loads of free resources to get you into the spirit of Christmas help embed Children’s key word sign into your daily life.

The countdown to Christmas has been made even more fun with our advent calendar! Find out what’s behind the doors with our Christmas Advent Calendar that lets you learn a sign a day with video tutorials for each sign:

key word sign – Christmas advent Calendar

Further, we have the lyrics and key word signs for some classic Christmas songs, as well as a few new songs created by our very own co-founder Elaine. Get practicing your singing voices and warm up your hands to get into the true spirit of Christmas with our Christmas song lyrics, signs and videos.

key word sign – Christmas songs and key word signs

We will be slowly winding down for Christmas however we will still be around to answer enquiries and our shop will remain open and we will be posting any order we receive over the Christmas period.

But we want to say to everybody have a lovely Christmas, hopefully spend with those you love, and we hope you have a fantastic New Year. We are excited to see what 2023 will bring!


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Children’s Rights Week – FREE Key Word Sign Mini Flashcards


We are so proud to be celebrating children’s week with Children’s Rights Queensland. We are so grateful to have received a grant from Children’s Rights Queensland to be able to provide these amazing key word sign resources for children throughout the Sunshine Coast. We have created mini flashcards for Humpty Dumpty and Incy Wincy which contain the signs to the Nursery Rhymes and QR link to videos of the songs and signs.

We will be giving them out at our event on Wednesday at Palmview Playgroup.

Unfortunately the event at Play Matters Sunshine Coast is canceled due to the rain so we will have some left over. If you would like some, please let us know and we’ll get them to you. Otherwise we’ll be dropping off some little surprises around the coast.

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Halloween- Key Word Sign

We are in Spooky Season! 19 days until we grab our Cauldrons and head out to Trick or Treat!

Perfect for learning some spooky signs and songs! Head to our free resources for 2 Halloween songs with signs and videos. Or head to our shop to purchase our Halloween Poster and Booklet.

Or for each day leading up to Halloween we are showing spooky key word sign. Just head to our social media pages on Facebook or Instagram to learn key word signs like witch, ghost, vampire and of course HALLOWEEN.

Happy a Happy Halloween everyone!

Space Week – Key Word Signs

We have only just caught the end of it but this week is:

4-10 October
This year the theme is Space and Sustainability

To celebrate Space Week I have created this post with 6 of my favourite Space themed Key Word Signs for you to enjoy.

Happy Space Week everyone I hope you all adopt these Space Key Word Signs! To infinity and beyond! 🔭🪐☄️🛸👽🛰🚀

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Key word sign – space week