Halloween Poster – Children’s key word signing


A3 Halloween Children’s key word signing (KWS) poster with 12 Halloween themed signs


This poster contains 12 Halloween themed words and signs including:


Halloween, Trick, Treat, Ghost, Monster, Vampire, Bat, Skeleton, Witch, Zombie, Spider, Pumpkin


This is excellent for learning themed fringe words and signs for the spooky season.


Children’s key word sign (KWS) is an alternative and augmentative communication tool (AAC) that is used by children that are pre-verbal, non-speaking, speech delay, unclear speech or other communication issues. It is especially useful for neurodiverse children including autistic, ADHD, apraxia and downs syndrome children.


While core signs are often learnt first and fringe words that are unique to each child to get their needs and wants met, some fringe themed words are useful for certain seasons such as Halloween and Christmas. Therefore we may sure that we provide resources for such events.


This poster is ideal for the home, at an early learning service, special school, school, playgroup or anywhere there are children. We encourage everyone especially children to learn Children’s key word sign (KWS) to ensure those that use it as a communication tool have as many communication partners as possible.


Children’s key word signing (KWS) uses Australian sign language signs (Auslan) alongside speech, gestures and facial expressions with only key words being signed. It is considered an unaided AAC tool.


Please note while Children’s key word signing (KWS) uses Auslan signs it is not Auslan, Auslan has its own grammar, structure and Deaf community associated with the language.