Nursery Rhymes Book with Key Word Sign Auslan – Includes Access to Video Tutorials and Songs


10 Classic Nursery Rhymes songs & signs booklet with accompanying music.


Baby Sign – Key Word Sign – Nursery Rhyme Book.


This book has 10 classic nursery rhymes with accompanying signs for the key words. It is an excellent way to introduce baby sign / key word sign to your child, and can easily be integrated into your day-to-day life.


The booklet also comes with a QR code that allows online access to:


video tutorials of all the signs in the book

video song and sing videos

MP3s of the songs


The nursery rhyme book includes the following classic nursery rhymes:


Five Little Ducks

Hey Diddle Diddle

Humpty Dumpty

Incy Wincy Spider

I had a Little Turtle

Miss Polly Had a Dolly

Round and Round the Garden

Row Row Row Your Boat

The Wheels on the Bus

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


Once you are familiar with the signs on the nursery rhyme page you can add extra signs which are contained at the back of the book.


Baby sign is the use of signs to aid a child’s comprehension and encourage them to sign while they are preverbal. Often only one sign is used per sentence and only for getting basic wants and needs met.


Children’s key word sign is an alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) tool that is used to encourage speech while allowing children that are pre speaking or pre verbal an alternative way to communicate. It can also be used by children that have communication difficulties such as unclear speech, selective / situational mutism or anxiety allowing them to use sign when needed to assist with the communication’s partners comprehension.


Key word signs uses signs (kindly borrowed from Australian Sign Language (Auslan)), gestures and facial expressions alongside speech.


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