Everyday Flashcards – Children’s key word sign – Designed for Early Learning Services – video tutorials


24 key word sign flashcards designed for early learning services and settings.


This product is designed for early learning setting after consultation with speech pathologists and Educators.


This product comes in A7 and in synthetic material that is tear proof and wipeable on a hinged ring.


With an estimated 1 in 6 children having a speech delay providing children with your an alternative communication method, that also encourages speech is a perfect way to help your children and your educators. Key word sign has been seen to reduce behaviours associated with helplessness including frustration and meltdown, improve bonding with educators and encourage speech and improve social behaviour such as participating in group time.


The 24 signs within this everyday flashcards include:


Mummy, Daddy, Sit, Nappy, Toilet, Wash Hands, Bed, Eat, Drink, Please, Thank you, Book, Line Up, Sorry, Finish, Stop, Share, Play, Home, More, Friend, Wait, Next/Turn, Pack Away


The key word sign flashcards also contain a QR code that takes you to video tutorials for all the signs.


Childrens key word sign is an alternative and augmentative communication tool that uses signs (borrowed from Auslan), gestures and facial expressions alongside speech to assist children communication while pre verbal but also encouraging speech at the same time.