FREE DOWNLOADABLE – Key Word Sign – Fingerspelling – Alphabet Poster


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FREE DOWNLOADABLE key word sign fingerspelling alphabet poster.


Once your FREE order is processed you will receive access to the high quality DOWNLOADABLE poster.


This poster has a QR code that provides you with access to the Alphabet Song with key word signs, and the finger spelt key word signing tutorial.


Key Word Sign sometimes requires fingerspelling and the fingerspelling alphabet is often used in other signs, especially at the beginning of signs. A few examples are:


Family members (Mother is ‘M’ tapped on hand twice)

Periods of Time (Minutes, Years etc)

Days of the week


It can also be useful for names, often just using one letter, for example if your child has two sisters, to identify them you many want to sign ‘sister’ followed by the first letter of their name.


This poster has been designed as a fun resource to introduce you to the fingerspelling alphabet, all characters in this poster have a dominant right hand.


Key Word Sign is an alternative and augmentative communication tool that uses Auslan (Australian Sign Language) alongside speech to provide pre-speaking children an alternative way to communicate while encouraging speech through the communication partners verbalising the word while signing. For fingerspelling key word sign uses the two handed fingerspelling Auslan Alphabet.