Feelings – Key Word Sign – Lanyard Cards – With Video Tutorials



Feelings Key Word Sign Lanyard Cards with access to online video tutorials


15 lanyard (A8 size) cards in tear proof and waterproof materials with key word signs for feelings. The set includes a QR code that provides you with access to video tutorials of all the signs.


Introducing Feelings key word signs are a fantastic way to help your children recognise feelings, either at home or at a preschool setting such as an early learning service.


The feelings key word signs included in the set are:


Feel, Calm, Happy, Sad, Excited, Angry, Shy, Scared, Brave, Surprised, Frustrated, Tired, Worried, Proud, Silly


Children’s key word sign is an alternative and augmentative communication tool (AAC) that uses signs (kindly borrowed from Australian Sign Language (Auslan)), facial expressions and gestures alongside speech. It is a fantastic tool for pre speaking / pre verbal children by providing them an alternative way to communicate before being able to speak. It can also be used alongside unclear speech to assist comprehension, or for children that suffer with selective / situational mutism.