Everyday Signs – key word sign – designed for early learning centres



This key word sign poster for everyday use was designed for early learning services and settings. The poster has signs that are useful for both the children’s needs and wants as well as to assist children understand the instruction of the educator’s such as pack away and line up.


With research showing 1 in 5 children will have a language delay key word sign is perfect for an early learning setting. It means children can get their needs and wants met through sign while they are preverbal / pre speaking. Key word sign is an alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) tool that uses signs (kindly borrowed from Australian Sign Language (Auslan)) gestures and facial expressions alongside speech with only key words being signed. It aids a child’s comprehension of words while allowing them to express themselves through sign. Research has shown key word sign reduces frustrations, meltdowns and improves bonding between educators and the children in their care.

The key word signs in this poster are:


Sit, Nappy, Toilet, Eat, Drink, Please, Thank you, Book, Play, Sorry, More, Finished, Share, Stop, Bed, Wash Hands, Friend, Home, Line Up, Family, Mummy, Daddy, Pack Away, Next/Turn


The poster comes in A3 or A2 size.


We also offer Children’s key word signing professional development for educators. Please enquiry or download our brochure for more information. Kindy Uplift and other inclusion funding can be used to access these services.



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A2, A3