Starter Signs Poster – Key Word Sign


Starter Signs poster containing 24 Australian key word signs.


24 Starter Signs poster


Key word signing is an amazing communication tool and so simple to start and use.


This poster is best for when starting out with key word signing whether it is yourself or the child, this poster contains signs useful for every child, every day.


The ‘Starter Signs’ are designed to help get you started with your little ones signing adventure. With research recommending starting with 10-12 key word signs and build upon them once you and your child confidence has grown this is the perfect poster to start your journey.


The Key Word Signs in this poster include: Mum, Dad, Bath, Milk, Love, Bed, Please, Thank you, Nappy, Toilet, Sorry, Finished, Eat, Drink, Stop, Share, Book, Play, Home, More, Help, Friend, Brother & Sister. 


Poster comes in 2 different shades, Bright Rainbow or Pastel Rainbow


Children’s key word signing is an Alternative and Augmentative Communication Tool, it is designed to assist pre-verbal/ pre-speaking children to be able communicate before they can speak, as well as for those with unclear speech. In Children’s key word signing both verbal language and signs (kindly borrowed from Australian Sign Language (Auslan)) are used, with only key words being signed. Children’s key word signing has been shown to encourage verbal communication but provides your child with an alternative communication method so they can get their needs and wants met.


Children’s key word sign is a fantastic tool for pre-verbal / pre-speaking children, and is often very useful for neurodiverse children, including (but not limited to) autism, dypraxia, apraxia, Down’s syndrome and ADHD. We encourage that all communication partners have access to children’s key word signing resources, including a child’s peers.


Also available as flashcards.


This poster is proudly 100% Australian Made being designed, printed and packaged in Australia.


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Bright Rainbow, Pastel Rainbow