Downloadable – Art and Colour Communication Boards – AAC – Children’s key word sign – with access to video tutorials



These downloadable A4 Art Communication Boards provides you with both the symbol board and associated key word signs on the other side. The Boards include a QR code that takes you to the video tutorials of the signs.


Further this Art pack also includes a separate Colour Communication Board with both symbols and key word signs. It also includes access (through the QR code) to the video tutorials of the colour signs.


The symbols and key word signs included in the Art Communication Boards include:


I, you, yes, no, want, more, like, dislike, help, finished, next / turn, make, see, mix, what, where, who, excellent, paint, paper, apron, cup, water, fingerpaint


Once purchased you will be able to download three Colour Communication Boards, these include:

Recommended colour signs – key word signs that have been selected as the most iconic, easiest to remember or easiest to perform for those with limited dexterity

Northern colour signs – The key word signs that are more commonly used in NSW and QLD

Southern colour signs – The key word signs that are more commonly used in VIC, SA, WA, TAS


The Colour Communication Boards include the symbols and key word signs for:


I, want, colour, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, grey, black, white, rainbow, pattern


Key word sign is an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) tool that provides children that are pre speaking the ability to communicate through signs (kindly borrowed from Auslan), gestures and facial expressions. When key word sign is used by communication partners they must always speak when they sign, only signing the key words of a sentence, to model both spoken language and sign at the same time.


These Communication Boards have been created to promote the use of key word sign during fun activities that are often undertaken by children at home, at early learning services or at school.