Feelings Flashcards – Children’s key word sign – AAC – video tutorials


24 children’s key word signing (KWS) Feelings flashcards


Children’s key word signing feeling flashcards.


These flashcards have a picture on one side and the sign picture with description on the other and provide access to video tutorials of all the signs.


They were designed with a specialist in autism (NOT ABA) from an organisation called All About Autism.


This ‘Feelings Signs’ Children’s key word signing (KWS) pack contain 24 signs relating to feelings and can help your child identify and express their emotions.


Signs include:


Feel, Happy, Sad, Angry, Scared, Shy, Embarrassed, Tired, Anxious, Silly, Brave, Bored, Frustrated, Nervous, Excited, Full, Proud, Like, Dislike, Disgusted, Sick, Love, Hungry, Thirsty


These Flashcards come in A7 and are available in either Thick Card in a durable box or Synthetic Material which is waterproof, tearproof and wipeable.


The Synthetic cards are on a hinged ring to keep them together but also allowing to remove any for games or other activities.  Flashcards are a brilliant versatile tool that can be used at home and out and about.  They can easily be used as or with games making them easily incorporated into your everyday routine.


Children’s key word signing (KWS) is an unaided alternative and augmentative communication tool (AAC), the key word signs are used to sign the key words of a sentence, alongside verbal speech, gestures and expressions. The signs are borrowed from Australian Sign Language (Auslan). However it is not Auslan, Auslan has its own grammar, structure and Deaf Community associated with the language.




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