Baby Signing (Australia) Poster


Baby Signing Poster containing 24 Australian baby signs perfect for nursery.


Baby sign poster, perfect to start your baby sign journey.


Baby signing has become very popular in recent years as parents and carers learn about its amazing benefits, the main one being that you can communicate with your little one as soon as possible.


Research into baby sign (sometimes called baby sign language) has found that if used consistently babies can learn to communicate through sign as early as 5 1/2 months, however for most babies first signs usually appear between 8 – 10 months old, long before most infants first words.


Baby sign is an amazing communication tool, with research showing baby sign can reduce meltdowns, improve bonding, reduce frustration and may improve your child’s language and literacy skills. It is a fantastic way to find out your babies needs and wants before they can speak.


This baby sign language poster has a cute signing bear that shows you how to do 24 baby signs.


The baby sign poster is perfect for you and your little one starting your signing journey, as a thoughtful baby shower gift or fantastic to have in the baby / infant room of your early learning centre.


The baby sign poster contain the following baby signs:


Eat, Drink, More, Finish, Bath, Bed, Book, Help, Hot, Cold, Please, Thank you, Love, Milk, Mummy, Daddy, Brother, Sister, Friend, Share, Home, Play, Nappy, Toilet


These are Australian baby signs the signs are borrowed from Australian Sign Language (Auslan), researchers into baby sign recommend that you use baby signs from the country your child is living.


This product is proudly 100% Australian made.


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