Starter signs with communication symbols – Children’s key word signing (KWS) – video tutorials


Key word signing ‘Starter Signs’ flashcards using visual communication symbols, includes videos to signs.


These are symbol based (visual communication tools) children’s key word sign (KWS) flashcards for introducing children’s key word signing to your child. It has first signs that will be useful for allowing your child convey their first wants and needs.


Children’s key word signing is an unaided AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) tool, it is an excellent tool for those that are having difficulty with speech for whatever reason and their communication partners.


These flashcards have been designed to complement other AAC tools which are symbol based. It is perfect for the home, child’s bedroom, early learning service, school, playgroup or anywhere there are children.


Flashcards come with QR link to video tutorials of the signs.


The signs that are included are:


eat, drink, milk, toilet, please, thank you, nappy, book, play, sorry, more, finished, share, stop, bed, bath, friend, help, home, love, mummy, daddy, sister, brother


The A7 flashcards include a QR code link to video tutorials of all the signs.


The options for the flashcards cards are either:

Thick card in a durable box
Synthetic material (wipeable, tear proof) on a hinged ring


Children’s key word signing is often used with autistic children, children with apraxia of speech, dyspraxia, downs syndrome, developmental language disorders, neurotypical children with a speech delay, those with anxiety and ever babies that are pre-verbal (sometimes called baby sign). However it can be beneficial to all children especially those that are potential communication partners for children at their home, childcare centre, school or whether they may be.


Children’s key word sign uses signs alongside speech in simplified sentences to encourage communication through both sign and speech. Research has shown that CKWS encourages verbal speech while allowing the child an alternative method of communication.


Children’s key word sign uses signs borrowed from Auslan (Australian sign language) however it is not Auslan, Auslan has its own grammar, structure and Deaf Culture and Deaf Community associated with it.


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