Webpage update: “Key Word Sign – What is it?”

I’ve been meaning to update our “Key Word Sign – What is it?” page for over a year. The content is fine but it was looking a little drab, therefore it has been spruced up with some relevant key word signs to interest the reader.

If you follow our posts you probably have already been to the “Key Word Sign – What is it? page and know how bare it was looking. But now it is looking a tad nicer after a day of updating.

If you have read the page already and don’t want to scroll through to see all the signs then get excited I have added them to this post!

Apologises for the different sizes but they are all formatted for the webpage.

The key word signs are as follows, Key (as it ‘key word sign’ NOT as in ‘key’ to open the door), Word, Sign, What, History, Auslan, Who, Why, How (QLD/NSW), When. Feel free to download and print off for personal use, but attribution to ‘Sunshine Sign and Sign’ is required when printing off in a professional setting and services i.e Early Learning, Allied Health services etc.

Hope you enjoy and let’s ALL Keep Signing!

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