Music Therapy – Key Word Sign – Lanyard cards


Music Therapy – Key Word Sign Lanyard Card


Music Therapists m! Do you work with children that are pre speaking or have communication difficulties?

Have you thought of using children’s key word sign in your sessions?


With 1 in 5 children having a language delay it is likely that some of your children are pre speaking, in these circumstances it is often easier for a child to sign while they are learning to speak.


Key word sign is an anugmentstive and alternative (AAC) communication tool that borrows Australian sign language / Auslan signs, gestures and facial expressions alongside speech with only the key word being signed. It provides children with an alternative communication method before they can speak or if they have unclear speech.


With help from Music Therapists we have created these key word sign lanyard cards that contains signs that are likely to be useful during your sessions. With permission we have used Boardmaker symbols as they are likely to match other AAC tools the child uses such as PECS, PODD or other symbol based communication tools.


The key word signing lanyard cards are A8 size and made with synthetic material and therefore rip and waterproof. The cards also contains a QR code that provides the Music Therapist with video tutorials of all the key word signs in the set.


The 23 key word signs contained in the set are:


Again, Different, Fast, Finished, Freeze, Go, Good, Help, Home, Like, Listen, Loud, Music, Play, Quiet, Ready, Sing, Sit, Slow, Stop, Toilet, Wait, Want


If you are interested in professional development in key word sign specifically designed for Music Therapist’s that work with children please contact us today.


PCS® by Tobii Dynavox® All rights reserved. Used with permission.
PCS® and Boardmaker by Tobii Dynavox® All rights reserved. Used with permission