Core Words Poster – Children’s key word sign


Core words poster with Children’s key word signing – 48 core words and key word signs. Designed to complement those that use visual communication symbol communication tool.


Core word Children’s key word signing Poster


This poster has 48 of the core words and key word sign for each word. It is designed to complement any visual symbol based communication devices or tool that your child may use. This poster also comes with a QR code with video tutorials of the signs!


The core key word signs included in the poster area:


Again, all, bad, big, come, different, dislike, don’t, down, drink, eat, feel, finish, go, good, happy, help, how, I/Me and Mine, In, Like, Look / See, Make, More, No, Now, Off, On, Out, Play, Put, Read, Sad, Same, Stop, Turn, Up, Want, What, When, Where, Which/Or, Who, Yes, You, Your


Due to the number of signs this poster comes in size A2 only.


Core signs are essential with fringe signs to ensure effective communication with your child.


This poster is perfect for your home, early learning setting, Speech Pathologists setting, Occupational Therapist setting, Special Schools, Schools and anywhere there are children.


Children’s key word signing is an Alternative and Augmentative Communication Tool, it is designed to assist pre-verbal/ pre-speaking children to be able communicate before they can speak, as well as for those with unclear speech. In Children’s key word signing both verbal language and signs are used, with only key words being signed. Children’s key word signing has been shown to encourage verbal communication but provides your child with an alternative communication method so they can get their needs and wants met.


Children’s key word sign is a fantastic tool for pre-verbal / pre-speaking children, and is often very useful for neurodiverse children, including (but not limited to) autism, dypraxia, apraxia, Down’s syndrome and ADHD. We encourage that all communication partners have access to children’s key word signing resources, including a child’s peers.


PCS® by Tobii Dynavox® All rights reserved. Used with permission.
PCS® and Boardmaker by Tobii Dynavox® All rights reserved. Used with permission


Other than the use of the Boardmaker symbols (used with permission) this item has been designed, printed and packaged within Australia.