Training Recap

Here is a quick recap of the Early Learning Services training you received and some more information that is readily available on our website.

Information on Children’s key word sign

Early Years Learning Framework and Children’s key word sign benefits

Information on HOLME

Hopefully you found our training enjoyable and informative and now have confidence to use it. If you work within an Early Learning Service we highly recommend the whole staff being trained and our resources used throughout.

More information about our Early Learning Services package can be found in our brochure, click below. This pack includes the physical resources (flashcards, posters, song and sign book, story book) and online resources (video tutorials of the signs) discussed throughout the training. If you wish to purchase the Early Learning resources separately please contact us as many of the items are unavailable in our online store.

Please contact us to discuss implementing Children’s Key Word Signing throughout your service.

Download our Early Learning Services Brochure to find out what we can offer.

Free Resources

To get a taste of our products you are also able to access our free resources which contains a number of songs for you and your service to enjoy.

The free resources contains signs, lyrics and song videos. Click here for our free resources page.

Coming Soon…

Themed packs

Choose from a variety of themes including Farm, Underwater, Beach, Christmas, Transport, Safari, Easter and many more.

These themed packs will include posters, song booklets and story books correlating to the theme to enhance and expand on your signs.

For children to effectively communicate they need to learn more signs that those that will get their basic needs met. These packs not only assist learning basic signs (as they are often incorporated into the songs and books) it assists your services to incorporate signing into fun activities that will lead to greater engagement, and allow the children to explore their interests and likes on different topics. Experience has taught us that first signs are often something that interests them rather than something particularly useful every day.


At Sunshine Sign and Sing, we are constantly improving and evolving, we love new ideas and developing new projects. We work closely with members of the community to provide the best of what they need and want. If you have any suggestions, improvements, ideas etc. we would love to hear from you.

Thank you

Please visit our home page for more information or feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance.