Progression Pack

Enhance learning of key word sign in your early learning setting with our specialised Progression Pack. This comprehensive toolkit is meticulously designed to support educators in teaching key word sign effectively. Featuring engaging posters, educational children’s books, and interactive flashcards, our resources are tailored to foster a solid foundation in communication from an early age. Empower young learners with professional, educational tools that make learning enjoyable and effective. Join us in enriching early learning experiences with our dedicated Progression Pack.



Toys and Games Poster

Poster with 24 key word signs for common toys and games.

Feelings Poster

Poster with 12 key word signs
for feelings

Colour Signs

Poster with 12 key word sign colours, selected for their iconicity, easiest to perform or most commonly used.

Children’s Books

Magic of Happiness Book

This children’s book presents 12 key word signs for things that bring us happiness. It includes QR code access to a storytelling session where the narrative is conveyed using these key word signs, providing an engaging and interactive experience.

Caterpillar’s Colours

This children’s book features 12 essential colour key word signs, including both Northern and Southern variations. It offers QR code access to an immersive storytelling session where the narrative is enriched with these key word signs, creating a dynamic learning experience.


Feelings Flashcards

A7 feeling flashcards, with 24
key word signs for feelings.
QR Access to video tutorials.

Safety Flashcards

A7 safety flashcards, with 24 key word signs for the topic of safety such as band aid, hot, cold and safe. QR Access to video tutorials.

Core Word Flashcards

A7 core word flashcards, with 50 key word signs for core words (words that make up the majority of the words we use). QR Access to video tutorials.

Playroom Flashcards

A7 Playroom flashcards, with 24
key word signs for toys and games. QR Access to video tutorials.

Sing and Sign Books

Nursery Rhyme Book

This nursery rhyme book features a collection of 10 timeless nursery rhymes including favorites such as “Incy Wincy Spider,” “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” and “5 Little Ducks.” Each rhyme is accompanied by key word signs for enhanced learning, complemented by exclusive online access to engaging tutorial videos and sing-and-sign demonstrations.

Christmas Song Book

This Christmas book showcases a delightful selection of holiday classics, featuring beloved tunes like “Jingle Bells” and other cherished songs. It includes accompanying key word signs for each song, alongside exclusive online access to enriching tutorial videos and festive sing-and-sign performances.


The Progression Pack typically includes the following items with their usual costs and the discount offered when ordered as a complete pack:


Feelings A3 Poster
Colours A3 Poster
Core Words A2 Poster
Playroom A3 Poster

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Flashcards (synthetic material)

Feelings Flashcards
Safety Flashcards
Core Words Flashcards Playroom Flashcards

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Story Booklets

Caterpillar Colours Story
Magic of Happiness Story

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Song Booklets

Nursery Rhymes Song & Signs
Christmas Songs & Signs

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Package Discount: $47.40
Total: $399