FREE DOWNLOADABLE – Science Week – Children’s key word sign science song


Free Science Week song with key word signs



Enjoy this print off song sheet for a science song to the tune of ‘This is the way’ and their key word signs.


This limited time only key word sign song and signs is to celebrate science week.


The download includes the song in colour and a simpler black and white version so any printer can be used.


The key word signs included in the song are:


Look, Stars, morning, dig, Dinos (dinosaur), bug, build, bridge


We have also included the sign for science. We hope you enjoy this key word sign resource, perfect for at home, at early learning services, playrooms, playgroups or wherever there are children.


Key word sign is an alternative and augmentative communication tool that uses gestures, signs (kindly borrowed from Australian Sign Language (Auslan), facial expressions alongside speech, with only key words being signed. It is perfect for all children that are pre verbal or have communication difficulties.