What is it?

Sunshine Sign and Sing is baby and toddler signing for mums, dads, grandparents or anyone who wants to come have fun and learn some signs .

We use Key Word sign based on Australian sign language alongside speech using songs, games and stories with the aim to enhance communication between you and your little one in a fun and friendly environment.

For a preview with a little about baby signing and what we do you heres a quick 3 minute video.

If you liked that, scroll to the bottom for a 20 minute short where you can learn some signs with some songs 😀🖐👌👍🎶

Check out our sign dictionary which has our illustrated signs and descriptions from our lessons

Group sessions

We run a 10 week programme within term time (apart from this term, Term 1 2021). The session has a different theme each week including animals, every day signs, food and seasonal themes i.e Easter and each week has 12 signs to accompany the theme. We sing themed songs, have a sensory activity and finish with a book.

Over the holidays we run drop in sessions.

Our sessions are back up and running!! From a new exciting location

We are so excited to have two beautiful locations!

Cheeky Little Monkeys Play Centre In Kawana Shopping World and AVEO in the new Harmony estate near Sippy Downs.

Cheeky Little Monkeys

Tuesdays and Fridays we run sessions from the party room within the new Cheeky Little Monkeys facility in Kawana Shopping centre.

AND our session includes stay and play at Cheeky Monkeys!! so you get 2 activities in 1!!

Please note: This term, due to multiple public holidays, we are running a 9 week term programme instead of 10

Tuesdays 09:15 for 0-1 year olds – $144 per term and includes stay & play

Tuesdays 10:30 for 1-3 year olds – $180 per term and includes stay & play

Fridays 09:15 for 1-3 year olds – $180 per term and includes stay & play

Fridays 10:30 for 0-1 year olds – $144 per term and includes stay & play

Price is for the term and includes stay and play at the fun and funky facility so afterwards they can hang out with their new friends while you grab a cuppa and have a chat before heading off with a fully physically, mentally and sensorily stimulated little one. Hopefully they’ll sleep well for you that day!!

If you also have a toddler and would like to attend our baby (0-1) sessions, no problem! Cheeky Little Monkeys offers a drop off service where you can leave your little one with them while you shop, sleep or have a cuppa all by yourself for $15 an hour. The lovely Lisa is doing a special for us!! You can leave your toddler to go crazy in Cheeky Little monkeys fully supervised for a reduced price of $13 while you spend some time with your littlest doing baby signing group with us.

AVEO in Harmony

Our other location is the beautiful AVEO in Harmony, Palmview near Sippy Downs

These will be on a Thursday at 09:30

Due to the peaceful settings, these will be for 0-1 year olds only and will be $126 for the term (please note this is also a 9 week term).

We will add more sessions if we get demand, if you cannot make any of these times but are still interested in attending, please send us an email letting us know good days and times.

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We are very excited to have joined up with the Sunshine Coast Library. They will be showing some of our videos within their Toddler Tuesday sessions, these are short videos showing just a few signs and one song sung a couple of times. The first one is Old Macdonald Click to go to the YouTube link or follow on Sunshine Coast Library Facebook page.

The Sunshine Coast Library is also showing our 10 week programme which we normally run within term time. They will be approximately half an hour long and will include 12 themed signs, themed songs and a story. These are shown at 09:30 on Thursday morning but are available for catch up any time on the Sunshine Coast Library’s website, Facebook page and Youtube channel


We love you to use Key Word Sign at home and out and about so are working hard at creating some fabulous resources. We have some books already in our shop for you to purchase, click here to have a look and follow Spotty Bear and friends on their adventures whilst practicing the signs. We are working on many more resources and will keep you updated when they are ready 😃👍

Even if you can’t make it to our sessions or watch our videos online, we would still love for you to be able to sign with your little one at home so here’s a free gift from us

Click here to download your FREE PDF Helpful Signs poster to get you started on your journey


Our sessions will be running from the new Cheeky Little Monkeys facility in Kawana Shopping centre. The facility is located at the Aldi end opposite JB HiFi


AVEO in the new Harmony estate, Palmview near Sippy Downs


Group session

Our 10 week programme normally coincides with the school term. Please note for this term only (Term 1 2021) it will be a 9 week programme.

The first Thursday at Aveo, Harmony will be 28th January 2021

The first Friday at Cheeky Little Monkeys will be 29th January 2021 and

The first Tuesday at Cheeky Little Monkeys will be 2nd February 2021

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Our 10 week programme is being shown online through the Sunshine Coast Library, this is on a Thursday at 09:30 but can be watched on catch up at any time through their website, facebook and youtube.


Well, mostly because its fun. However, studies have shown that baby signing helps your little one advance their communication skills. Benefits found include improving brain function, advanced reading skills and a reduction in tantrums & frustration.

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If you are interested our group session, simply click here to fill out a request form

If you liked that, heres a 20 min video where you can learn some signs and join in with some songs.

Click to watch the current short video on the Sunshine Coast Library’s Youtube channel

Visit our Facebook page, call or email us for any other details or questions.