School Core Key Word Sign Vocabulary Book


Core Key Word Sign Vocabulary for Schools.


Introducing our Children’s Core Vocabulary Key Word Sign Book for Schools.

A comprehensive resource for Prep and Year One students at mainstream schools or special schools, designed to support inclusive education and communication for all! This book features a core vocabulary of 187 essential Key Word Signs, including important Australian terms like ‘sunscreen’ and Key Word Signs for native Australian animals. With video tutorials available for all Key Word Signs, educators/teachers and students can easily learn and practice Key Word Sign (KWS) to enhance communication, inclusion, and accessibility in the classroom.

Inspired by the 2023 study by Pauline Frizelle and Caoimhe Lyons on developing a core keyword signing vocabulary (Lámh) for children with Down syndrome, we created our own school core vocabulary to support all students in their early years of education, particularly those with speech delays, communication delays, and disabilities. Please note that we have no affiliation with the researchers or the study.

Our book is designed to be a valuable tool for educators/teachers, speech pathologists, and parents to support the learning and communication needs of all students, and to promote a more inclusive and supportive learning environment. It’s perfect for:

– Inclusive education
– Speech and language development
– Communication delays
– Speech therapy
– Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)
– Special education
– Early childhood education
– Primary school education

In addition to the core vocabulary, we’ve also included some fringe words for common classroom items, such as paper, pens, iPad, and more, to help students communicate their everyday needs and wants.

To get the best use out of this Children’s Key Word Sign Book, we highly recommend that educators and teachers complete our School Key Word Sign (KWS) Training. This comprehensive training program will provide you with the skills and confidence to effectively implement Key Word Sign in your classroom and support inclusive communication for all students. Contact us to learn more and schedule your training today!

Key Word Sign (KWS) is a form of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) that combines Key Word Signs and speech to support inclusive communication. AAC strategies like KWS help individuals with communication difficulties, such as those with disabilities or language barriers, to express themselves more effectively. The Key Word Signs used in KWS are kindly borrowed from established signing systems; in Australia, this means Auslan (Australian Sign Language). By using KWS, educators/teachers and students can create a more inclusive and supportive learning environment that values diverse communication styles.