Flashcards – Safety Signs


Children’s key word signing ‘Safety Signs’ flashcards containing 28 A6 cards in a durable box.


Children’s key word signing flashcards.  These A6 size flashcards are designed with a picture on one side and the sign picture with description on the other.  The ‘Safety Signs’ pack contains signs relating to safety and with signs that can help alleviate stress, anxiety and danger in tricky situations.  Signs include: Good, Bad, Cold, Hot, Calm, Help, Medicine, Sick, Emergency, Stop, Sit, Thirsty, Hungry, Danger, Safe, Hospital, Wait, Sorry, pain, Band-aid, Allergy, Where, Come & Listen.


This flashcards pack also contains four What, How, Why & When cards, assisting you to get the most out of key word signing.  Cards are made out of thick card and come in a durable box.  Flashcards are a brilliant versatile tool that can be used at home and out & about.  They can easily be used as or with games making them easily incorporated into your everyday routine.

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