Daily signs lanyard set – mini flashcards


Lanyard ’15 Daily Signs’ mini Australian key word sign Flashcards, perfect for out and about or in the Early Learning setting, made from Synthetic (waterproof / tearproof / wipeable) material on a hinged ring.


Children’s key word signing mini flashcards.  These flashcards are designed with a picture on one side and the sign picture with description on the other and come in a handy A8 size perfect for your keyring or lanyard.  The ‘Daily Signs’ lanyard flashcards contains 15 signs that are useful in every day life especially when out and about or within the Early Learning Service setting.  Signs include: Turn, Drink, Eat, Help, Stop, Play, Home, Sit, Share, Wait, Bed / Sleep, Finish, Good, Friend, Toilet.


These handy, versatile flashcards are made of Synthetic Material which is waterproof, tearproof and wipeable on a hinged ring.  Flashcards are a brilliant versatile tool that can be used at home and out & about.  They can easily be used as or with games making them easily incorporated into your everyday routine.