Happy Easter Key Word Signs

If you haven’t already please download our FREE Easter Signs poster from our website. Below are the video tutorials for the six signs. Please click on the image for the video tutorials to pop up of the Easter key word signs.


Pointer and middle finger extended from fist, draw cross on back of other hand


With first and second fingers extended, place thumbs on temples and bend fingers down twice


Hand in fist, other hand has pointer and middle finger extended, palm up. Tap fingers on side of fist twice


For a ‘C’ shape with pointer finger and thumb. Place Thumb on check and tilt hand forward twice


1 Rock arms like rocking a baby
2 Hand in front of mouth, bring first finger to thumb twice, then tap on other open hand twice (like a chicken pecking)


Hook pointer finger and middle finger near eye. Repeatedly bounce hand down in a half circle (sign for search)