Story Sign Book – Cheer Up Daisy – Video

Below is the narration for the Children’s Key Word Sign Story Book with feeling signs.

Click here or the picture to watch the video of the story being told with key word signs.

Cheer Up Daisy – Story and Key Word Signs

Cheer Up Daisy

Read and sign along to this children’s key word signing Story Sign book. Daisy is sad, can her friends help to cheer her up?

Feelings Key Word Signs

Below are video tutorials for the key word signs for the feelings found in the ‘Cheer Up Daisy’ book.

Please click on the buttons for the corresponding sign tutorials.

Bored and Happy

Sad and Excited

Angry and Shy

Frustrated and Hungry

Thirsty and Tired

Like and Breathe

Don’t Like and Calm

Sick and Worried

Scared and Embarrassed

Full and Brave

Proud and Emotion

Love and Hug