It’s Science Week 12 -20 August 2023

FREE Key Word Sign Science themed song

We know how important science is to our everyday lives, and especially how important is to spark an interest into science for children!

To celebrate Science Week Sunshine Sign and Sing has created a Science themed song to the tune of “This is the Way”, in the song it includes lyrics , “this is the way we look at the stars”, “this is the way we dig for Dinos” to celebrate all areas of science.

This is a FREE resource and contains the lyrics and 9 key word signs, the key word signs include:

Science, look, stars, morning, dig, Dinos (dinosaur), bug, build, bridge

Using songs is an excellent way to incorporate key word sign into your daily life, while making it fun and engaging. The repetitive nature of songs ensure that children are regularly exposed to the same signs assisting their receptive understanding of the signs and words, while songs also encourage imitation by everyone involved.

We have also made it so the downloads can be printed off in colour or black and white.

Please visit our shop – downloads, to download your free song and sign sheet.