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What, where and why?

Sunshine Sign and Sing, Baby and Toddler Signing is a communication tool using Australian Key Word Sign.

Latest News!!

NEW!!! Key Word Sign Flashcards

We are thrilled to launch our brand new flashcards this week.

This is the first starter pack of “Helpful Signs” and contains 24 signs that may be helpful to you and your child. Also includes durable case and bonus What, How, When & Why flashcards.

Head to our SHOP page to order your very own!!

Exciting!!! We are a finalist for the award!!

Thank you to all those that voted. What’s on 4 Kids 2021Best Local Baby/Toddler Activity/Class (0-3 years).

AVID Engage launches with one of our 10 week online programmes!

AVID Property Group have launched their new online series AVID Engage and we are proud and excited to be a part of it. AVID Engage is an online programme, aimed to ”bring residents, customers and communities around Australia together, online”.

There is a short ‘Introduction to Baby & Toddler signing’ along with one of the ‘Routine’ sessions which we always like to start with in any of our sessions.

AND for those that are interested in our beginnings and AVID Engage, here is our interview with Susana, AVID’s Community Development Officer for Harmony.

Sunshine Coast Libraries are showing another 10 week term of our sessions

View them for FREE on their website, YouTube and Facebook page!

The first session is available now – click here to watch now

New sessions will then be shown every Tuesday but you can catch up with them any time!!


What is it?

Baby and Toddler Signing is a communication tool using Australian Key Word Signs alongside spoken words. It can be used by mums, dads, grandparents, carers, anyone who wants to use this great communication aid with a little one. Speech is a complex task for children (or anyone๐Ÿ˜‰) to master and baby and toddler signing can be that communication bridge whether its because they are completely non verbal, just beginning to talk or simply just cannot get the right word out.

It can not only provide a means of communication pre speech but it can actually help with learning how to talk. Signing the word whilst speaking can help the child learn which of the many noises that come out of our mouths goes with which object. Not only do we slow our speech down when we sign along but we also emphasise the word being signed. It can help children categorise by associating the same sign for seemingly different objects, for example a toy cow, a picture of a cow and a live cow, they’re all cows. It helps link words with objects and stimulates the language area of the brain, in fact it stimulates both sides of the brain, the same as music!

Our Baby and Toddler signs are based on Australian key word sign language and are carefully selected for use for little ones. We use our signs alongside speech with songs, games and stories with the aim to enhance communication between you and your little one in a fun and friendly environment.

For a preview with a little about baby signing and what we do you heres a quick 3 minute video.

If you liked that, scroll to the bottom for a 20 minute short where you can learn some signs with some songs ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ–๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŽถ

Did you know babies can sign before they can speak??!!!

YES IT’S TRUE!! If signing is used consistently, even if it’s just one sign like “milk”, babies from 6 months and younger can understanding signs. It’s a really useful and simple way to let them know that “milk” is coming, giving you time to prepare in a more calmer environment. Babies as young as 6 months old have been known to sign but typically from about 8-9 months babies can start to use signs to communicate (that’s when they really realise they’ve got hands and can use them ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ–).

How to start?

Start with something simple, “milk” is often a brilliant one to start with and a simple hand action for the little one to perform. You will find that their first sign will often be something that interests them, like the family pet.

In signing you normally lead with your dominant hand however, with little ones around we often have our hands full so use whichever you have available. The more you use signing, the more quickly your little one will pick it up and be able to utilise this amazing communication aid.

Incorporate it into play, we all know the enormous benefits of learning through play, adding a few simple signs into a game can really change and enhance the game, it can become more animated or more calming.

Reading with signs can be a great way to engage children in reading, it can not only make stories more fun and engaging but can help the children to understand the story better.

Check out our Baby & Toddler Signing story books

And of course, singing. ๐ŸŽต The benefits of music are wide and great, for adults and children alike. Music can help with learning, communication, coordination, self regulation, good mental health to name but a few. We use songs, particularly nursery rhymes alongside our signs. Nursery rhymes use lots of repetition and are a simple and fun way for children to engage and learn. We encourage everyone to sign along to any songs they know and sing with their little ones. It not only helps you and your little one to learn and remember the signs but it is a fun activity too!

We love our Song & Sign books which contain fun songs for you and your little one to sing and sign to!

When to start?

You can start as early as possible! If you get into a good routine of signing then so will your little one and it’s never too late to start. Little ones LOVE to learn and it is surprising how quickly they can pick it up.


Check out our Sessions and Prices page.

Want to join in a Sing and Sign class? Head to our sessions page.

Why sign?

Signing is a great communication tool that can help you and your little one understand each other better.

It can reduce frustration and tantrums through them simply being able to be understood and getting their needs met.

It can increase bonding. Signing uses lots of eye contact and encourages greater interactions with the child. Eye contact with loved ones releases oxytocin, the body’s natural happy drug. Oxytocin is hugely beneficial in the developing young brain. With greater interaction and the child being exposed to more words there is evidence of a greater and wider vocabulary.

AND it’s easy and FUN!!!

Click here for more info

Want to learn more signs?

Check out our sign dictionary which has our illustrated signs and descriptions from our lessons


We love you to use Baby and Toddler Signing at home and out and about so are working hard at creating some fabulous resources. We have some books already in our shop for you to purchase, click here to have a look and follow Spotty Bear and friends on their adventures whilst practicing the signs. We are working on many more resources and will keep you updated when they are ready ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ‘

Even if you can’t make it to our sessions or watch our videos online, we would still love for you to be able to sign with your little ones at home so here’s a free gift from us

Helpful Signs poster to get you started on your journey

Click here to download your FREE poster


We are very excited to have joined up with the Sunshine Coast Library who are going to be showing some of our videos online for free!!! These will be shown on a Tuesday but you will be able to catch up anytime through their website and Facebook page.

Click here to watch the first session now – Routine signs, learn signs that could be useful every day!

AVID Property Group.

We are also very excited to be part of a new initiative set up by Avid Property Group. They are launching an online community to connect with all their developments across Australia and we are proud to be part of this. AVID supported us from the beginning with their community sponsorship grant and we are delighted to be involved in their new programme.

They will be showing some of our programmes through their website and YouTube channel for all to access for free! Included with each video is a free downloadable poster for you to enjoy and continue your learning fun at home.

Watch this space for more information…….

Sneak peek, they already have one of our sessions for you to watch. Check out the Easter session here.

If you liked that, here’s a 20 min video where you can learn some signs and join in with some songs.

Visit our Facebook page, call or email us for any other details or questions.