Useful resources

To really utilise baby signing, make it part of your every day life, sign and sing when getting ready, in the car, out and about. Sign when reading a book or at an interesting place like a zoo or in the park.

Even if you don’t come to our sessions, we encourage you to still sign with your baby. Our sign dictionary is available for free which includes descriptions of how to do the signs along with a picture of our sunny bear showing you the sign.

Below are some more resources available for you to help on your signing journey.

Please note that most of these resources below use Australian sign language which (as we explain in class) we base our signs on but there are some variations. There are also many other resources on YouTube and via Apps but these may be American or British as there are many U.S. and U.K. baby signing companies and resources out there. British is the closest to Australian however, as we say in class…….

It’s baby signing, it’s a communication tool, not a language. It is used to aid and enhance communication with your little one, not as a replacement. When signing with your baby, you can use whichever sign you like. We recommend using Key word sign based on Australian sign language as it’s more transferrable and there are the resources already for you but you use whichever suits you and your baby best.

Sign planet

Sign planet is a brilliant website, it has an online picture dictionary for Australian signs, printable resources including games, posters and songs. It has a dedicated section to baby signing as well as a printable booklet with useful baby signs.

Auslan Signbank

Auslan Signbank is a language resources site for Auslan, it has an online video dictionary for Auslan signs.

Key word sign Australia 

Key Word Sign (KWS) uses a combination of manual signs and natural gesture to support communication and was designed for use with children and adults who have communication difficulties. KWS Australia uses Australian sign language.

Key word sign App

This app was designed by Key Word Sign Australia.  It has videos of signs and has the ability to print out signs and posters. 


An app developed by the Royal Institute for Deaf & Blind Children, it uses videos to show the signs and photos of the hand shape to use.

Face to Face

An app developed by Conexu Foundation who use technology to assist communication especially with people with disabilities, it has many signs and uses videos to show the signs.

Bilby Publishing

Bilby develop and distribute Sign Language and Early Childhood Educational Resources. They have a wide range of Special Needs Resources including DVD’s, posters, teaching kits, Autism books and guides, gripping aids, educational games and packs