Baby and Toddler Signing resources. Our new resources use Baby and Toddler Signs in a fun and bright unique way.

Story Books

Our Baby and Toddler Signing story books have a fun story on one side with an associated sign on the opposite page. Our books are bright and simple in design so are suitable for the whole family to use from toddlers copying the signs, to first readers and by parents as a bed time story and come in a handy A5 size.

Join Spotty Bear and friends on his themed adventures while you learn and practice the signs. Each story book contains 12 themed signs.

Spotty Bear’s Easter

Spotty Bear is going on an Easter egg hunt, can you help him?

This book contains Easter signs.

Spotty Bear’s Messy Day

Spotty Bear is having trouble finding things, can you help him?

This book contains signs related to the every day routine.

Caterpillar’s Colours

Caterpillar is sad, he asks his friends for some help.

This book contains colour signs.

Spotty Bear’s Australian Animals

Spotty Bear has fun pretending to be different animals from Australia.

This book contains Australian animal signs.

Spotty Bear’s Flying Fun

Spotty Bear enjoys imaging what it would be like to be different things that fly.

This book contains signs related to flying.

Spotty Bear’s Jungle Safari

Spotty Bear goes to the jungle but feels someone is watching him.

This book contains jungle animal signs.

Spotty Bear’s Underwater Adventure

Spotty Bear goes to see some animals at the aquarium.

This book contains underwater related signs.

Spotty Bear’s Wonderous Weather

Spotty Bear thinks about the fun things he does in different types of weather.

This book contains signs about the weather and seasons.

Spotty Bear’s Christmas

Spotty Bear has a tricky decision to make.

This book contains signs about Christmas.

Songs and Signs Booklets

Our Songs and Signs booklets are themed booklets which contain songs with their corresponding signs. They contain 12 signs and 10 songs.

Classic Nursery Rhymes – Songs and Signs

Christmas Songs – Songs and Signs


Books are reasonably priced at just $10 each!


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