About Sunshine Sign and Sing

About us

Sunshine Sign and Sing is a baby & toddler playgroup on the Sunshine Coast

Our aim is to assist and enhance communication skill with children and their carers using signs and gestures based on Key Word Sign Australia in combination with songs, games and stories. We strive to create a fun, safe & friendly environment enabling friendships to develop, a platform for carers to share experiences or simply a place to stimulate and tire your little one out.

Signing with your baby has huge advantages

It not only helps you and your little one understand each other better, it reduces tantrums and frustration, it boosts their self esteem, it builds their language skills and has been shown to improve reading and writing skills by stimulating both sides of the brain. It also increases bonding and builds on the foundation of trust between you and your little one.

We use signs and gestures based on Key Word Sign Australia in our sessions, Key Word Sign uses signs from Australian sign language. We select and occasionally adapt signs which are not only easier for the little one to perform but also easier for them to remember.

Research suggests, babies and toddlers (and adults) are more likely to remember and therefore are more likely to perform signs that bear a resemblance to the word they are signing. Little ones also do not have the dexterity or comprehension that adults do so we attempt to make the sign or gesture easier for little ones to perform.

We use our signs and gestures in combination with speech and it is important to say the word you are signing and sign the word you are saying. There are many resources available and we are more than happy to guide you should you and your little one want to continue your learning at home.

Here at Sunshine Sign and Sing we believe it would be awesome if everyone learnt a basic level of sign language. There are many who could benefit from its use, making the world a little more accessible to those with communication obstacles.

Who are we?

Sunshine Sign and Sing was created by two mums on the Beautiful Sunshine Coast. We both knew of the extensive benefits of signing with our babies but could find no classes on the coast so we set about to create a platform for people to not only learn baby signing but also a place to make friends, share experiences and have some fun. Thus Sunshine Sign and Sing was born! 🌅

Hi, I’m Zoe

I moved to the Sunshine Coast in 2018 to get away from ‘windy’ and ‘shaky’ Wellington after experiencing too many earthquakes. I love spending time on the beach with my husband and daughter Poppy. In a previous life I was an investigator but after Poppy was born in 2018, I knew I no longer wanted to pursue this avenue on the coast. I loved teaching Poppy signs to help us communicate and try to avoid some of the tantrums. I was disappointed to not find any classes on the coast and after finding out Elaine felt the same way Sunshine Sign and Sing was born. I hope you enjoy the classes and teaching your children as much as we have and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Hi, I’m Elaine

Me and my family moved over to the Sunshine Coast in Jan 2017, from the UK where I had worked as a registered nurse. I first started baby signing when my son was born in 2011 and loved it. When my daughter Gaia was born in 2018, I was disappointed to find no baby signing groups on the coast so have been teaching her signing at home, her first and favourite sign is ‘bird’. I really enjoy using key word signs and see so many benefits from its use. 🌞

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